Calgel Bio Green

CalGel is a high quality fertilizer with all the macronutrients and micronutrients that are required for full growth and flowering in any medium.
nIt is a fully soluble liquid fertilizer with 22.5% calcium and a balanced amount of microelements. It has been specifically formulated as fast-absorbing fertilizer for flowering plants , as well as for all types of fruits and vegetable crops. It increases the resistance of the plant and improves its color and its flavor. 


nCalgel can also be used as foliar fertilizer. Use a solution of 1: 1000 in the first stage of growth and 1: 5000 in the final stage, as well as during flowering. This solution can be sprayed directly on the leaves.


  1. Improves the absorption of nutrients by the root.
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  3. It guarantees a palpable strengthening and a hardening of the upper part.
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  5. Guarantees an increase in weight of the final product.
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  7. enough magnesium for an optimal synthesis of chlorophyll and proteins.
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  9. It contains only the purest raw materials.
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  11. No expiration date
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How to use:

nApply once a week with irrigation water. When it comes to hydroculture 2 times per week. if used in combination with fertilizer, reduce the EC of the fertilizer in the container in 0.3ms and increase it with CalGel in 0.3 ms from the first week of flowering.

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